Friday, June 14, 2013

Leased Trucks Enhance Austin Energy Fleet Reliability

These are among the first vehicles in a five-year lease contract that Austin Energy is employing to replace aging Electric Service Delivery work trucks. They are 36-foot bucket trucks but also include a 100-foot bucket truck, at right.

Some 17 bucket trucks have been delivered to Austin Energy in the first phase of a lease contract that will further improve our fleet of vehicles used for electric system maintenance and reliability.

The leased vehicles include a dozen bucket trucks with a 35-foot reach, typically used by repair crews working on overhead lines, as well as taller buckets, including a 100-foot lift needed to reach the highest levels. Typically, we have bought equipment outright and used it as long as it was operable. However, as equipment ages, reliability diminishes – a significant concern when working to restore power, often in stormy weather.

The five-year lease approach comes with service and repair contracts that ensure quick turnaround or vehicle replacement should problems develop. In the next fiscal year, the second and third phase of the contract will see more than two-dozen additional bucket trucks and other field vehicles delivered. Austin Energy tested the lease approach in recent years to verify its cost efficiency.

Seventeen new field trucks are being prepared for service.

These field trucks represent the first round of a three-phase vehicle replacement program.

All of the vehicles are being prepared for service this summer.

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