Monday, December 17, 2012

Water Treatment Plant #4 Substation To Be Energized

Austin Energy is working to energize by the end of January the Bullick Hollow Substation to help power the construction and later the operation of the Austin Water Utility's Water Treatment Plant #4 under development near RM 620 and Bullick Hollow Road. 

The substation has two large transformers dedicated solely for use by the treatment plant, and it can be expanded with two additional transformers as the needs of the plant grow. Austin Water is among Austin Energy's largest electric customers because of the Water Utility's need to treat and provide water to an ever-growing metro area.

Photos from the substation construction site:

138 kilovolt (kV) Bullick Hollow Substation for Austin's Water Treatment Plant (WTP) #4

Austin Energy's 50 Mega Volt Amperes (MVA) Station Power Transformer that will be used to step down the 138kV to 12.47kV distribution level voltage to feed WTP#4

Austin Energy's 50MVA Station Power Transformer and the 12.47kV Power Control Room

Austin Energy staff perform a monthly Field Safety Audit

Austin Energy's Substation Construction workers prepare conduit for installation.

Final tightening of conduit feeding the Power Control Room

Installing the conduit on the Power Control Room

Installing conduit on the Power Transformer

Austin Energy's Substation Maintenance personnel verifying nitrogen pressure on the Power Transformer

Austin Energy's Substation Maintenance Power Transformer hot oil processing and vacuum filling

View of the Power Transformer and Power Control Room with the overhead distribution lines that will feed the WTP#4

WTP#4 Construction