Friday, May 10, 2013

New Downtown Library Site Powered Up

Austin Energy linemen recently rerouted five underground power lines and installed 5,000 linear feet of new cable on the site of the New Central Library near the former Seaholm Power Plant. The linemen completed the work in time to ready the site for a May 30th groundbreaking ceremony for construction of the $90 million, 198,000-square-foot library and also to provide electricity to the former Seaholm Intake Facility across the street, which will be reused for a public purpose on the shores of Lady Bird Lake.

 The New Central Library site is between the former Seaholm Power Plant and former Green Water Treatment Plant, scheduled for redevelopment.

 Austin Energy linemen use reels to install new cable as well as take out old cable that is being replaced. The reels can each hold 1,200 linear feet of cable.

Austin Energy linemen pull out old cable from underground that will no longer be used, because new lines had to be reconfigured as part of the New Central Library site construction.

  Crew members worked in underground vaults to install equipment necessary to power-up the new library construction site. Much of the downtown power grid is underground to increase reliability and aesthetics.

Crew members prepare to begin installing power lines in an underground vault.

 The linemen rerouted five power circuits underground to ready the site for construction of the New Central Library.

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