Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crews Complete Repairs to Damaged Transmission Towers

Austin Energy crews recently used a specialized torch to cut the top section off of five 95-foot-tall steel transmission poles near Columbus damaged last year when a crop duster hit the lines attached to the poles and crashed (details:

These lines bring power to Austin from the South Texas Project and had to be de-energized for repairs. Since the poles, which were constructed in two sections, are major structures, crews cut the damaged portions off to preserve the integrity of the 35-year-old towers. A new section of pole was slipped over the top section of each after it was cut. 

This is the first transmission repair of this type ever performed by Austin Energy. The job required the use of 100-ton cranes and bucket trucks reaching 170-feet high.

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  1. Auh, I thought this can be another car transmission write up. Anyway, the crews seem to be very dedicated about their work. I applaud their employers for letting them have that complete safety gear that’s just right for them to wear during the tasks. The same goes for some auto repair shops out there or anything that includes risky work… safety gears are useful.